Type 240 – Reliability and precision in a wide range of applications

The new Type 240 flow sensor is designed for precise and stable flow measurement even under difficult conditions, with enhanced resistance to high system pressures and media temperatures.



Advantages Type 240

  • Robustly designed to withstand system pressures of up to 16 bar (232 psi)
  • Media temperature range -15 °C to +125 °C (-5 … +257 ºF)
  • Wide flow range from 0.5 l/min. (0.13 gpm) [DN6] to 150 l/min. (40 gpm) [DN25]
  • Hydrolysis-resistant sensor design
  • Minimal pressure loss due to virtually free pipe cross-section
  • Wear-free and long-term stability due to having no moving parts
  • Various nominal diameters (DN6 to DN25) for use in a wide range of applications

Versatile Applications

The new flow sensor is ideally suited for diverse applications across numerous indus-tries and markets. The sensor paddle itself is made of the high-performance material PPSU and is PFAS-free.

Type 240 complies with the safety standard UL 61010-1* and is approved for drinking water according to WRAS*, ACS*, and UBA* regulations.


* Expected Approval Q4/2024

Innovative Technology

The Type 240 is designed for liquid media with different specific viscosities, from refrigerants to drinking water. The proven Vortex principle ensures high measuring accuracy. Moreover, its compact design without moving parts makes the sensor extremely robust, low-maintenance, and durable. It can be mounted directly on the manifold and easily integrated into existing systems.

A particular highlight is its resistance to water hammer: The Type 240 can easily with-stand pressure peaks up to 100 bar.

Swiss Quality

The Type 240 is part of the Vortex flow sensor family from Huba. With our distinctive technological expertise, we have been developing and producing high-quality flow sensors with reliable accuracy since 2007. Each sensor undergoes strict quality tests during the manufacturing process to guarantee the proven reliability «Made in Switzerland» millions of times over.

Dimensions Type 240

Measuring range

Flow range:
0.5 … 150 l/min

Temperature range:
-40 … +125 °C

Media temperature:
-15 … +125 °C

< 50 % FS: ±1 % of full scale value
> 50 % FS: ±2 % of measured value 

Analogue 4 ... 20 mA